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I am Rick Short I have been in the pool and spa industry since 1986 I have worked in retail settings selling pool and spa products I have serviced pools and spas I have also constructed swimming pools I have always looked for training and actively researched products to better serve the swimming pool owner active i have taken training in aggregate pool surfaces auto covers chemicals concrete pool construction, assist builders with vinyl steel swimming pool construction assist fiberglass pool builders with their knowledge of the product.


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Right Fit

I will work with the pool company to coordinate the installation of the cover system. I will come to your site if needed to discuss the project. I communicate with all necessary parties to ensure the project is completed on time. I work with the pool company on the design of the pool and the shape and style of the pool and offer suggestions to backyard layout to best suit the overall fit and function of the pool and cover with the desired pool decking into the backyard

Why choose us?

I am based here in Ontario the weather challenges we face compared to the American smarket where all automatic pool covers are made. I have relationships with most of the swimming pool builders and retail stores in Ontario I have a reputation for helping the builder and landscapers give the pool owner the look and function from their pool cover choice How do you offer pool building services to homeowners? I take a few projects pools every year to keep give a quality pool to the public at a reasonable rate Consulting / Pool Inspection I offer services to show new home buyers/ owners with existing pools and existing pool owners what shape the pool is in. if the pool is unsafe to be used if it is in disrepair and if so what it wil take to get the pool to their liking I will give a report on the pools condition and what it will take to get the pool to a safe useable operation


Working with you

I install pool cover safety systems, safety covers , and clear-deck systems.

Why choose us?

I am local and well-known in the industry.

Consulting / Pool Inspection

Automatic pool covers easily cover and uncover the pool one person can open and close the cover when it opens it goes in to storage pit, pool safety for children, when the cover is on the pool it will keep your kids out of the deep pool water, pets, wild animals that stray will not get trapped in the pool water. The cover runs in a track that keeps the cover in place when a storm comes, the cover stays in place any debris stays on the top and is easily removed. The rain that falls does not mix with the pool water that is chemically treated and heated. An auto cover is a pol safety system when the pool is not in use by creating a barrier from the water and the people in the area.

Automatic Pool Covers

Any other products you may offer winter safety covers to protect people and animals from the danger of the traditional pool winter cover. A cover you can walk on that will allow water to drain into the cover but large items such as leaves twigs sticks balls and toys will be easily removable

Our Work

We have proudly installed over 100+ pool covers.



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